Let me be clear. I fully support President Trump. Without him, we would not have a country now, and no one else could have survived the pure crap thrown at him the last two years—much less achieve the historic accomplishments he has racked up. That said, we are at a breaking point.

Countless people have asked me why our President—who promised national security above all else—is not fulfilling that all-important promise, and the answer is not as simple as a new Homeland Security Secretary. Here’s what I know, and I cannot sound the alarm loudly enough.

Congress, Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats, Mitch McConnell, and the RINOs passed a bill that completely sold out American citizens and hardworking taxpayers—all middle and lower-income America—and crammed it down the President’s throat. An inner circle of people in the White House do not share the MAGA agenda and either mislead the President or flat-out lied to him about it all. And, the National Emergency Declaration won’t fix it.

The bill they crammed through aids and abets the Mexican criminal cartels, boosting their billion-dollar-business by multi-millions of dollars a month. It’s a neon sign inviting human-traffickers and other criminals to grab children and pour into the United States. It is worse than amnesty.

That is why tens of thousands more people with children are pouring into this country every day—and being released immediately. Not only did the bill cut the number of beds for detention, it provides—unbelievably—that if the invaders qualify in the broad language below—and tens of thousands do, they can NOT BE DETAINED OR DEPORTED. Section 224(a) provides that “None of the funds provided by this Act or any other Act . . . may be used by the Secretary of Homeland Security to place in detention, remove, refer for a decision whether to initiate removal proceedings, or initiate removal proceedings against a sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of a household of a sponsor or potential sponsor of an unaccompanied alien child . . .”

Others tried to warn us. This provision is unconscionable, insidious, and outright criminal. It should be challenged by the Department of Justice as contrary to the criminal laws and national security of the United States. This bill should never have been signed, but since it has been, there are few alternatives left to the President to save the United States of America.

One, as I have written previously, is for the President to issue an executive order to stop all immigration, with whatever exceptions he deems appropriate, in the national interest for 180 days and renew it as needed. It would not affect non-immigrant visas. The authority rests in 8 U.S.C. 1182f, and the Supreme Court affirmed it recently in Trump v. Hawaii. Other presidents have done it. If some deem this a “nuclear option,” so be it. We’re out of options.

At a minimum, the President should stop all immigration coming from all countries south of us including South America. This is done by simple executive order, and there is more than ample evidence it is imperative to our national interest. We are drowning.  Children are being abused and “recycled” by the thousands. Women are being raped, and all who make the perilous journey are at the mercy of the cartels.  Americans are beyond fed up.

Two, Border Patrol Agents can be retrained immediately to evaluate asylum claims—most of which are fraudulent. This is underway to start in two weeks. People currently handling asylum claims should be redeployed to work in the detention centers to gain experience in other aspects of the problem—like doctors have rotations.

Three, payments to all foreign countries pouring their people into ours, including Mexico, should stop immediately.

Four, declare the Mexican cartels terrorist organizations and have our military in a joint operation with Mexico clean out a two-mile swath on the Mexico side of the border and put the wall there before they get another dime of our money. Make them enforce it. This should include putting the wall on the Mexico side of our state and national parks along the border where the new legislation just prohibited construction of the wall—effectively rendering our parks a haven for the drug cartels and a danger to all American taxpayers who might want to enjoy them.

Five, withdraw from all UN or other refugee resettlement programs and stop funding any with taxpayer money. America is the most generous country on earth, as are its people. Those who want to give to those charities can and will, but it is an outrage to take taxpayer money to fund these organizations and others when our grandchildren’s lives are already mortgaged to pay our escalating national debt. We must put America first if we are to maintain a position of strength to be able to lead and help the world.

Six, put the burden on Mexico to stop trucks of drugs and people at ports of entry. If a truck gets through a port and we catch it, close that port immediately for two days for Mexico’s failure to catch it.

Seven, cancel any project to increase legal immigration. We already have at least 30 million people illegally here. The overwhelming number of Americans want less immigration—not more—although we continue to welcome legal immigrants who want to become Americans. There is so much to be done to correct the invasion of illegals, it will be a long time before any expansion of legal immigration should ever be considered—and only after Americans have been retrained to fill the jobs available. The “hi-tech” work visas so often touted by businesses are tools to abuse young foreign nationals and virtually enslave them under threat of deportation. That also pushes down wages for Americans.

Eight, require the Social Security Administration, IRS, HHS, and other agencies to work together to identify illegals and deport them. Prosecute identity theft. End any form of public assistance to people illegally in this country, and tax all remittances to Mexico at a rate of at least thirty percent. It’s absolutely ridiculous for American taxpayers to support people illegally here, while they send billions of dollars out of the country. Assistance should be for veterans and Americans who have earned it or need it.

Nine, send more military to the border to harden it and enforce it in every way and use old military bases to detain aliens instead of releasing them.

Ten, use the provision for military construction in 10 U.S.C. 284(b)(7) to build the wall in all high drug-traffic and smuggling areas along the border NOW.

“Build that wall!” was much more than a chant. It meant protecting the sovereignty and citizens of the United States for a change. It meant stopping the invasion of illegal aliens who are murdering, raping, assaulting, and robbing countless American citizens, clogging our hospitals, over-crowding our schools, draining our scarce resources and welfare systems, and overwhelming our Border Patrol, facilities, and personnel—while American veterans and children are homeless.

Mexico stopping a thousand people in a day is tokenism. As Laura Ingraham said Friday night, “the policy isn’t matching the rhetoric”—and that won’t work. Those of us out here in the middle of America see how outraged the President’s base is.  We are losing ground every day in more ways than one.  Telling Mexico and other countries we are full isn’t enough.  We did not elect a politician.  We elected a kick-ass man of action who did not kow-tow to political interests.

Protecting our national security was the primary reason most people voted for Donald Trump. It is the fundamental issue on which he must turn things around–dramatically–right now. He promised.


*Sidney Powell is a former Assistant United States Attorney, Appellate Section Chief, who served in the Department of Justice under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties. She has been lead counsel in more than 500 federal appeals, and she is the author of the national best-selling non-fiction book LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice—often called “Mueller’s playbook.”